Solving youth homelessness

Homelessness is a multi-faceted problem. The causes are many and there is no single solution.  

At PIF we focus on a solution which is:

  • tangible
  • enduring
  • helps many young people over many years, and
  • sets up young people with stability and a brighter future.

How we do it

We bring the property and construction industry together to build homes for homeless youth.  

We fundraise through our events, corporate and individual donors. Then when we build a home, the property and construction industry donates its time and expertise so we can build new homes through a combination of cash and in-kind donations.  

The generosity of the industry means that every dollar we raise is matched by in-kind donations of time, expertise and building goods. The PIF House Program effectively doubles every dollar we raise. 

Start of the process

The process starts when PIF is approached by a charity that has land where we can build a new home for homeless youth. We work with highly-regarded youth homelessness charities.
PIF builds the home and the charity operates it and they provide the wrap-around services for the young people who will live there.

Forming a team

We then coordinate a project team of partners, which might include a property developer, architect, quantity surveyor, planner and a builder.
People of similar values whose skills complement each other and will bring out the best in each other.

Tapping into networks

All partners leverage their collective supply chain for the necessary resources to build or renovate the house. We find many businesses – small and large – want to ‘chip in’ and donate product or their time free of charge or at a discounted rate.

Building a house

The house gets built within in a six to nine month period. PIF continues essential fundraising throughout this period to assist with additional costs associated with the build or renovation. Fundraising also means we can lock in future projects so we've always got a pipeline. We source materials via partners and this includes furniture and furnishings.

Bringing the warmth

Once the house is at practical completion, we coordinate teams of corporate donors to ‘Make A House A Home’. They assemble furniture, hand art and help with landscaping.

Back to purpose

The final stage is when PIF hands the home over to the charity partner. There’s an official opening to celebrate all the partners' contributions.

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